Love your home.

Save time & money.

A.C.T.= Assess & Condense for you to Thrive
One must ACT to accomplish.

Declutter:  The Process
We will designate where to begin and start to sort through your belongings.  We will categorize and group like items.
Using the boxes and bags, which you provide, we'll make piles for donation, return to owner, recycling, and trash.  
Once all of your items are in full view, we will be able to more clearly see what you have.
You decide what stays and what goes.
I will offer many tips to help guide you through the process but the ultimate decision is yours.

Once completed, with your direction,  I'll redesign your space in a way that works best for you.
Every item will have a "home" where it belongs.
With fewer things, it is easier is to maintain and  find your belongings.  Discover the pleasure of quickly and easily regaining order simply by returning items to their designated spot.